Values, vulnerabilities and some other conditions are shared by community members

Inclusive consensus can determine common perceptions and shared interests within a community

Everyone in a community has a shared interest in survival; a commitment to interdependence

No problem that occurs in a community cannot benefit from and be resolved through communication

A virtual instance using modern cloud technology can be a safe medium for communication

LLMs, trained by common commitment can mitigate differences with win-win solutions

Success of the new medium depends on acceptance and thus, a rewarding user experience

#1 Capability

We are billions of interdependent individuals living in 1000s of communities around the world. A scalable communication technology, can unify global acceptance of a common commitment, one community at a time.

#2 Local Solutions

Data science can help people and communities to create  solutions to persistent problems like homelessness, mass shootings and global warming. Technology can enhance personal capability and interdependence in communities.

#3 Good Government

Decentralized community networks can close the gap between government and people without overtly changing or challenging national or local laws, or social or economic and political hierarchies.





OYG began as a collaboration of community development, media and data science professionals looking for ways to use cloud technology to engage people in communities in action as stewards of their ecosystems.

We chose a for profit business model to facilitate scaling and updating a complex set of technologies and to maintain security, protect privacy and provide reliable and redundant support to communities globally.

Our Team


OYG initially worked with 8th Light on a project for Bogota, Colombia. They brought to OYG the experience of an international team of bright young software developers.

Working with 8th Light engineers, we tested our theories and virtual presence strategy.


Impact of OYG depends on our ability to facilitate interactions between people of diverse backgrounds around a common commitment to fostering healthy, inclusive communities. OYG reached out to Vanto Group to design a hybrid community workshop for onboarding when implementing and instance for a new community.

Vanto’s work is based on The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life, a book authored by Vanto consultants and executives, Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan,


Michael Winn


Michael Winn’s first foray into digital technology was applauded as the world’s first intelligent  building in 1980. Olympic Plaza was a new multi-tenant building in West Los Angeles wired with an ethernet LAN, with desktop workstations for tenants, file, laser printing and optical scan servers and a gateway into the AT&T international telephone network. Tenants could access their office data systems from anywhere with a dial-up telephone modem. Winn wrote about the technologies involved in Architectronics, McGraw Hill, 1987, a reference book for architects about digital technology and its impacts on architecture and cities.

Norm previously developed backend architectures for web-scale consumer-facing apps and cloud-based scalable web services hosted on AWS and Azure with Kubernetes and Docker Containers. His projects include a patient-centric interoperability platform for health data retrieval, harmonization, visualization and data sharing, subscriber management systems supporting millions of users’ PII and credit card data for identity protection and exposed data matching, a data warehouse with ETL from multiple business units, and a social network for traveling nurses. 

Most recently, VP Research and Development at Seqster, Norm achieved success in several companies across multiple markets; including healthcare, consumer products, financial services and defense: Sony Electronics, Orincon, acquired by Lockheed Martin in 2003; CSID, acquired by Experian in 2016 and AMN Healthcare. He provided engineering support for the San Diego Police Department’s New Technologies Unit, and research labs at UCSD and CMU.

Norm Katz



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