OYG applies decentralized software to help communities reduce global warming and preserving ecosystems.

OYG is an essential investment to empower communities and combat global issues. In an era where local governments often struggle with political will to tackle pressing concerns like global warming, traditional social media platforms fall short as they are principally designed for advertising, not activism.

OYG looks much like social media. There are familiar chat and video viewing and uploading functions, productivity software and advanced communication media. OYG integrates them for community action.

More than just a socializing platform, OYG offers ways for users to build consensus for actions the community may take. For this reason, OYG protects privacy, anonymity and the immutability of poill results, 

OYG reports about consensus in real time, with an AI generated analysis using NLP and LLMs evaluating public sentiment in other communities. It is possible for OYG to clarify political will in high resolution, which crucial if we are to reduce global warming.

OYG is agnostic to differences: one-person = one-vote, and 100% inclusive, which makes OYG a breakthrough for direct democracy in local politics. 

Constructively, OYG provides ways to reconcile differences and negotiate solutions, even when leaders fail. In the local venue, communities can use their aggregate purchasing power to obtain better services and reduce waste.

People can take stock of the resources of their own communities: natural, human. material and cultural. They can use OYG to organize local energy and bandwidth co-ops, launch income generators and financial services to help preserve quality of life and reduce global warming.

Briefly stated, our aim is to give communities the technical support they need to set government agenda on a path that reduces global warming.


#1 Citizens are not motivated.

Defining legislative priorities using NLP and data samples, instead of verifiable consensus of people who are properly informed has created a huge problem. People are not motivated to be responsible for the outcome. They can blame government.

Misinformation, opinion and gossip gets our attention, or we keep our heads in the sand. Voting doesn’t set the agenda of government to address our priorities, it just puts a piece on the board.

Why should we expect that the public will feel responsible for and able to make a difference about global warming, or be motivated beyond buying solar panels?

Voters distrust government, grow cynical and stop participating 

#2 Campaign Finance and Top-Down Solutions

Much technology is designed to support those who paid for its development. Those who fund campaigns of elected officials have more access to them than voters. We may feel anxious about homelessness, mass shootings, growing economic hardship and endemic poverty and like the voters who feel powerless, local elected officials blame the next higher level of government.

#3 Voters Distrust Government

Ecosystems are failing. Lithium, Copper and rare earth mining for electrification is  not well thought out, if not, insane. 100s of millions in poverty. and what is that if not the epitome of powerlessness? How do powerless people help reduce global warming? OYG Own Your Government.


Our response to global warming is constrained by institutions that are supposed to defend us against existential threats. reasonable expectation of government.

For example, public reviews of EIRs are mandated but the EIR process is designed to facilitate development, rather than to prevent development unwanted by the community. Why should the community have a say?  




Our Team


OYG began as a collaboration of a creative, politically savvy person and a data science professional with the intention of making software that puts powerful new tools and abilities into the hands and minds of everyone that is motivated to reduce global warming. 

We were invited to propose an implementation of OYG in the City of Bogota, Colombia. The head of the agency had the expression of a deer in the headlights. The project began as a nonprofit but because it needs to be self-sustaining and rapidly scaling and business relationships with peers in a number of fields: streaming, telepresence video conference, blockchain, encryption, redundant, autoscaling architecture and the ability to support polls and enterprise.


OYG approached 8th Light to help; with the Bogota proposal. 8th Light has created a reputation for a nurturing and guiding engineering and creative teams, expanding their technological expertise and software-building capabilities to help unlock human potential and spark change.”  [Eighthlight.com|

The importance of the Bogota project for the peoiple of Colombia led us to 8th Light on account of their track record of reliable software design, development, data, and building DevOps teams looking to achieve ambitious outcomes. 

Michael Winn


Michael Winn’s Olympic Plaza project in Los Angeles in 1980 was his first venture in advanced tech and the world’s first smart multi-tenant building with an ethernet LAN, including file, print and scanning servers and a gateway into the global telephone network. Buiness tenants could access the office systems from home. Winn wrote about this in Architectronics, McGraw Hill, 1987, a reference book for developers about the advent of digital technology.

Working with data scientist, Norman Katz in 2019, Winn brought forward his ideas of tech for communities when they launched Own Your Government. 

Norm Katz and Winn met through LinkedIn in 2018 when Winn was looking for a software architect to help him get an online/hybrid town council built for the community in San Diego where Winn was living. When Winn formed a limited liability company called, Own Your Government, LLC. he asked Norm to join with him.

Norm had previously developed backend architectures for web-scale consumer-facing apps and cloud-based scalable web services hosted on AWS and Azure with Kubernetes and Docker Containers. His projects include a patient-centric interoperability platform for health data retrieval, harmonization, visualization and data sharing, subscriber management systems supporting millions of users’ PII and credit card data for identity protection and exposed data matching, a data warehouse with ETL from multiple business units, and a social network for traveling nurses. 

Most recently, VP Research and Development at Seqster, Norm achieved success in several companies across multiple markets; including healthcare, consumer products, financial services and defense: Sony Electronics, Orincon, acquired by Lockheed Martin in 2003; CSID, acquired by Experian in 2016 and AMN Healthcare. He provided engineering support for the San Diego Police Department’s New Technologies Unit, and research labs at UCSD and CMU.

Norm Katz


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