The principle barrier for OYG is a lack of experience for most people with government decision making compounded with years of political campaign media that reinforces a submissive attitude. Those who most vocally and sincerely criticize government do not propose alternatives nor do they see themselves as willing to lead solutions leaders. Moreover, for the platform to achieve its affect requires broad acceptance and willingness to learn and join with others to act in unison. 

And OYG is an entirely new approach. Activists are a tiny minority in every community and with OYG, they may suddenly find themselves surrounded by an energetic crowd that doesn’t accept their rules about what is possible and are breaking new ground. There is resistance and there may even be some professional jealousy.

When onboarding new communities, OYG will convene community meetings where experts can transfer knowledge, and incorporate the real-world experience and insights of those who have led community activism in the past, and thus bring everyone up to speed with the resources provided with OYG platform.

beta pathways


A beta community begins when a small cadre of community members, as few as 5 or 10 and as many as 50 to 150 people attend a hybrid workshop in which they will begin the design of the communities platform. OYG will first deploy a pro forma network and guided by a multidisciplinary panel of experts in various fields. This group will use the consensus building features of the platform to settle on initial goals.

Experts will provide specialized knowledge, while the real-world experiences and insights of those who face challenges of community activism will guide refinements of the user interface and features


Concurrently with the deployment of a platform for the first beta community,  A hybrid workshop conducted by a facilitator who will be trained by Vanto Group to begin the onboarding process. In the workshop, community members will use the OYG app  to agree on rules of participation, assess the status quo and define a vision of their community. The product will contribute to a knowledge base that will continue to expand as more people join. OYG staff will input data about jurisdiction, current leadership, and culture.

OYG beta sites will shape how future communities learn to interact with the technology and test proposed uses of large language models.

During The Beta Workshop

The beta workshop will initiate the creation of a user community that can expand to include the entire community. After introducing participants to the technology and creating a few rules to facilitate discourse, in a conversation with elected officials and city employees, participants may examine actual proposals and challenges faced by the community with proposals; such as: 

1) Government must  understand and serve priorities of those they serve.

2)  Resilience is improved by a process that facilitates grassroots initiative.

3) Trust in government will increase with inclusiveness.

4) To respond to constituents’ priorities, officials must give precedence to input from voters and less dependent on government employees.

5) Transparency means the burden of accurately informing constituents falls on the government.

beta workshop agenda

Purpose: Community members create their community’s profile and practice using consensus technology. OYG onboarding staff records online training media for use bringing in new community members.

A workshop may be conducted over several days during which participants download the app and practice polling their community to identify consensus on the priorities, what people would like to change, prevent or achieve. As participants engage in group activities, they may create real projects and enroll others in enabling their goals

Sample Workshop Agenda:

    • Intro and ground rules.
    • Who are we as a community?
    • What works, what doesn’t work and what/who are the enablers in each case.
    • Community consensus re quality of life, safety & culture
    • Setting the agenda of the community in local, regional and national politics
    • Consensus-generated leadership
    • Re-imagining the voice of the community–updating a community profile
    • Polling projects and using the community’s AI assistant
    • Implementing outcomes

Participants get into relationship by sharing who they are and discussing myths about the community. They discuss changes they’ve witnessed in recent times, and imagine directions and outcomes they prefer and might commit to produce. After creating a list of objectives, they will break out into groups based on personal interest and objectives. People who are partners in life will be asked to choose separate groups.

Community objectives and action plans produced during the workshop may be circulated in local media and to the community community at large for discussion and ratification.  These objectives and plans may be modified by polling the community. Poll thresholds will be set for the app to trigger political or other action.

The Community Profile is unique to an OYG community platform. The community profile is displayed on the landing screen when opening the app on a smartphone. There is information that is salient to all community members. In the beta project,  OYG will seed some values; such as. the aggregate wealth and purchasing power of the community  sourced from public records. 3rd party APIs are used to automatically update some values along with weather forecasts, trending surveys, emergencies, entertainment, political action and enterprises.

Polling projects help workshop participants expand participation as they demonstrate with real practical examples, how a community sets the agenda of government. The ability for any member of the community to post a poll and propose action is one of the key features of OYG. Poll results are verifiable and immutable. Polls inform the community about itself and are a community’s political power. All verified community members are eligible to vote in polls. Voting is anonymized. Poll results may also inform the wider world about the consensus of the community on any issue. AI Natural language processing is employed to inform the world about a wider consensus on issues, when this occurs.

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