Launching Beta Communities

OYG is soliciting beta applications from communities for a deployment and support of our first public release.

Onboarding for some OYG beta communities begins with a community workshop during which participants create their community’s profile on the OYG network, which may include images, video and graphics that reflect the history, nature, cultural and other qualities of the community. During the workshop, participants download the OYG app and initiate a poll or polls about things they wish to change, stop or achieve, and they engage in collaborative activities. Participants will be encouraged to invite their friends and family to participate and vote in the polls.

A community may choose to begin without the workshop in which case, after OYG deploys a network, as outlined on activists engage the community in downloading the OYG app and participating in polls about issues of common concern.


Contact Information

community workshop agenda

Purposes: Participants create their network’s profile and platform messaging as they become familiar with the platform. Material is recorded for online training media when onboarding new communities. 

Community Workshop Agenda:

    • The Enrollment Game: Community as Commitment to Quality of Life & Culture
    • Setting the Agenda: Community in the Context of Local, Regional and National Politics
    • Consensus-Generated Community Leadership Technology
    • Creating Community – The Community Profile
    • A Polling Project
    • Implementing Outcomes
    • Community Knowledge Base

The Enrollment Game

Participants get to know each other by sharing who they are and their history in the community. THey may talk about changes they’ve seen and state an outcome that they would like to produce as a result of their participation. After creating a list of potential objectives, they will move into groups, the function of which will be to address one of these objectives. Reconvening, workshop participants will prioritize goals for their community associated with action plans and timelines for accomplishing goals.

Setting the Agenda

Community objectives and action plans created in the initial workshop will be published to the community, however, they are subject to modification by the community. OYG’s poll functions and community thresholds will be introduced in the context of community priorities. 

Consensus-Generated Community Leadership

Charles Lindbergh wrote of a planetary WE, a by-product of aviation. He went about the world promoting airports. 100 years later, WE are facing planet-wide existential crises. We’re mostly living in densely-populated urban communities. Like the victims of Vesuvius. When the ash. fire, earthquake, flood, arrives we render assistance to whoever happens to be there. The database is of historical value at such times, beyond identifying remains.

Creating Community – Community Profile

A “personal profile” is common to all Commercial, SaaS (Software as a Service) and Social Media platforms. Community as a Safe space. The Community Profile (CP), however, is unique to an OYG platform because the CP presents information salient to the interests of all platform users. Beta Communities may manually seed values for the purchasing power and wealth of the community but eventually public records will automatically update values daily. Information includes weather forecasts,, trending surveys, news of importance to the community, emergencies, entertainment, political action and enterprises.

Polling Project

Every feature of OYG is essential for a community to set the agenda of government; the polling module is instrumental because it is quick, easy, its results are verifiable and it creates a reserve of effective political energy and funding power.  An OYG poll includes all community members and excludes all others and voting is anonymized. A community with an OYG network can inform the world about its consensus on any issue as quickly as the community itself may wish.

Implementing Outcome Features

The app provides access to information in the global knowledge base available through the internet. It allows the community to use its numbers and aggregate wealth for any ethical, lawful purpose. The verified but anonymized polling features can potentially show people where they stand, and this will no doubt resonate. However outcomes are specific and tangible in the local context, with enduring, thus economic effects.

The Community Knowledge Base

 …can be searched contextually. Initially, this means that users will be easily able to upload or stream media and open links to official documents related to a poll or chatstream topic. Even when users invent polls for amusement, if it resonates with the community, other users may upload further interesting content.  On the other hand, a poll about something that threatens to affect the community will get serious attention. As that happens people will begin to see their community as their own self expression.

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