What would you do if you owned the government?

Global Use Case

Imagine you’re on a mission.  To succeed in this mission, you need to change your perspective from “the government isn’t getting it done” to global problems can be addressed regardless of governments and within existing laws. Global means inclusive and irrespective of political boundaries. Now, imagine your mission is to restore earth’s atmosphere to pre-1900 levels and prevent species extinctions…what do you do?

Global warming an existential crisis

Objective: restore the earth’s atmosphere to pre-1900 levels

 …protect species and humans, while working outside of government frameworks yet within the boundaries of the law and decorum, we must galvanize a global grassroots movement that capitalizes on human innovation, community empowerment, and global cooperation…how do you accomplish that?

local action is required

ONLY grassroots CONSENT can drive change

Governments have played a significant role in causing global problems but a global grassroots movement is needed to solve it. Why? Because the problem affects everyone and national politics will get in the way. How do we organize a nongovernmental global action?

5 billion global users

“If we build it, they will come…


OYG is licensed to communities


In the United States alone, there are 314 cities with more than 100,000 residents, and within each city there are myriad communities, with diverse resources and needs. Our global target in 3 years is 180 million unique users in 12,000 communities with an average of 15,000 residents.


* Individual community members may pay a micro-fee (pennies per month) on their internet or utility bill, however, the desired approach involves corporate and foundation sponsors so OYG is free to users.

what would you do?

Reduce global warming?

Stop building in flood zones?

Prevent mass shootings?

Bill of Rights for ecosystems or nature?

Preserve community shops and business?

Make an excellent example for 21st century civilization?

Feel powerful and in control?

Clean up all the industrial pollution?

Send Elon on a one-way trip to Mars?

Balance the city budget?

Help my friends succeed in business?

Stop “pay-for-play” legislation?

Promote dancing in the street?

Reduce your energy and water bills?

Fund arts programs?

Build a better transportation system?

Throw a series of great parties?

Preserve open space in your neighborhood?

Make a movie about your governing?

Hold fair elections?
Eliminate poverty and homelessness?

Grant statehood to Puerto Rico & D.C.

Fund an International Peace Award

Get rid of utility poles and put wires underground?

Grant independence to the Hawiian people?

Replace all hydro-electric dams with eco-friendly energy?

Improve interpersonal relationships in your city?

Require psychiatric certification of politicians?

Build theaters, concert venues or sculpture gardens?

Beta community workshops

Most things we want are understandable, most are desirable, reasonable and possible, and we already expect some of government. We can imagine striving for them, and participating. One thing they have in common: in each case the objective is a kind of satisfaction.

Realizing a common vision

Solutions for big problems


Governments of cities, counties, states and nations can benefit more cost-effectively and reliably by connecting directly with constituents via OYG, than through demographic analysis and targeted advertising.

Serving Clients Better


Especially, bandwidth providers can benefit from meeting the needs customers have expressed, not only by improving retention, but also, increasing demand through better uses of media.

For the common good


Local, regional, national and international organizations, whose mission it is to serve the needs of populations and communities, or to address environmental concerns


Suppose the community where you live had its own secure network and app that gave all of your neighbors the opportunity to express their own needs and desires but also “organize” around local solutions to big problems.  Couldn’t they come up with local solutions to global warming, mass shootings, sky high rent and housing prices, homelessness,  inflation, and environmental destruction?  Couldn’t you?  Couldn’t they do a better job than your city or state in planning how to respond to catastrophic events like drought, floods, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and pandemics?  Couldn’t they find a way to prevent war?  Perhaps you can too.

What would you do...?

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