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Global warming threatens to destroy the ecosystem that supports human life on the planet. 


When we behave toward our fellow man without compassion, we are de-humanized.


Compassion and cooperation are hallmark traits that empower our ssurvival. Government is a structure for organizing cooperation. Compassion is not now an organizing principle of government.

Global warming and genocide are both failures of compassion.


Global problems are now being addressed like commercial projects consistent with the interests of various states, nations and oligarchs

Imagine your mission is to prevent catastrophic effects of climate change on populations and global ecosystems.  Established national political and economic hegemony present the greatest obstacles.

looking at causes


Global grassroots representation was envisioned by the World Federalist Movement in 1947.

The UN adopted a Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948

National governments are represented in the United Nations, not people

International trade agreements are negotiated to protect established national hierarchies


After both WWI and WWII, international peace movements argued for a planetary federalism. Myths of national hegemony won the argument and nationalism found its home in the United Nations. Instead of a planetary plebescite, we have a general assembly of  national plutocracies. The military weapons industry and imperialism pushed for military diplomacy and historical national alignments led to an arms race called, “the cold war”. Financial markets found ways to benefit from adversarial alliances that produced stock piles of military technology including nuclear arms that are dangerously deteriorating.


AI-driven innovations can enable autonomous independent communities–worldwide by incentivizing local action for global priorities. Those who are now most affected by global warming can lead the process of change from scarcity to abundance

Funded by federal budgets, local and state governments tend to follow federal policies

A system has been modified that makes elections into beauty contests

Incrementally rising government budgets reveal a deeper problem

15% to 50% of voters in elections are government employees or contractors

Those who are affected by policies that cause global warming can only shout and wave

consensus techNOLOGY


NATIONAL political sysetems inhibit collaboration and communication. Consensus technology can transform this condition quickly and rapidly bring the efforts of people in communities all over the world to the task of reducing global warming.. 

Consensus technology can make the collective wealth and resources of communities available to those with vision that should have access. Innovation gaps can be filled and corruption, waste, and neglect reduced.

Repkaace internal rivalry, toxic competition and criminal enterprise with productivity and ability to prepare for vulnerabilities

Use technology to expand education, art and philosophy, which historically provide the path to civil society.

Replace weak leadership with informed populations.

can it be deployed in time!

5+ billion smartphone users

“If we build it, they will come…


licensed to communities

In the United States alone, there are 314 cities with more than 100,000 residents. In each city there are myriad communities, with diverse human and other resources. Our global target in 3 years is 180 million unique users in 12,000 communities with an average of 15,000 residents.


* Individual community members may pay a micro-fee (pennies per month) on their internet or utility bill, however, the desired approach involves corporate and foundation sponsors so OYG is free to users.


By implementing a comprehensive strategy that tackles critical challenges head-on, OYG provides the tools people need to resolve their pain points, and not only achieve unprecedented growth, material abundance, an artistic and scientific renaissance, but also preserve wildlife habitat and find general individual satisfaction.

#1 The OYG app gives users access to the network of the community where they live, whether that’s a village in Cameroon or a suburb in Los Angeles. They may use their connection to go beyond the physical boundaries of their community and they may be familiar with many features and the underlying technology is similar and may work on the similar servers, but the language and data on local resources, government, media, currency, and so on are unique to their community. Their community is the ecosystem for which they are stewards and their neighbors are their proximate resources. They are influenced by and may direct influence the members of their community; they are mutually interdependent.

#2 A community’s OYG network is shaped, colored and managed by the consensus of the community members, and each member has a voice and a vote about every decision.

#3 The chat stream in an OYG network acts as a community forum. It has a quality of permanence. Discussions in which community members read and/or comment are supported by an AI assistant that is trained to forward conversations for collective action or decision. The AI summarizes, offers information, manages polls and generally facilitates collective action. 

#4 The polling function in an OYG network differs in several ways. We are used to seeing polling that is paid for by a public agency, scientific study, journalism or private interest that drafts questions with some purpose in my mind. Unlike this, any member may poll their OYG community about anything of mutual concern to the community. An AI assistant may be used to clarify topics and show the community’s position with reports on the status of consensus in the community. The AI may draft messages to media and government about community consensus.

#4 Peer-to-peer and multi-party communication is available for members on the OYG network to connect everyone in the community’s directory both in the community and the wider world.

#5 The OYG enterprise functions give members access to resources they need to start and operate cooperative businesses; such as childcare, homecare and healthcare services, and to reach a local or global marketplace, obtain permits, education, etc.

#6 Wealth Generation functions give members access to use aggregate wealth and purchasing power of the community. A coop may form to purchase energy, water, telecommunications technology, provide banking and financial services, manage apartments, etc.

#7 OYG networks includes a disaster resilience module provides resources and communication in the event of disasters and assesses a community’s vulnerabilities and brings the community current to risk mitigation and helps the community use its collective strength to obtain support from government.

Beta community workshops

Many reasonable things seem out of reach. There are many things we feel could be provided by government. We can’t imagine how individually, we can make that happen or become leaders of change in our communities. The beta project will show participants how as a community they use this technology to make opportunities they want in life.

Designed to achieve inclusive and participatory democracy, OYG aims to empower communities to set the agenda for government and proactively initiate change. The impact of OYG depends on the ability of people of diverse backgrounds to unite around a commitment to inclusive culture.

Realizing a common vision


Governments of cities, counties, states and nations can benefit more cost-effectively and reliably by connecting directly with constituents via OYG, than through demographic analysis and targeted advertising.

Serving people


Especially, bandwidth providers can benefit from meeting the needs customers have expressed, not only by improving retention, but also, increasing demand through better uses of media.

giving everyone a voice


Local, regional, national and international organizations, whose mission it is to serve the needs of populations and communities, or to address environmental concerns

The Relevance of Inclusivity

Suppose the community where you live had its own platform assisted by AI and the latest technology that gives you and all of your neighbors the ability to express your needs and desires, and to build consensus and “organize” around solutions to local and big problems.

Maybe some would find ways to reduce causes of global warming, in the community, or prevent mass shootings, end homelessness and preserve the ecosystem.

Could you plan ways to mobilize community organization to respond to disasters?  Could you find ways to find solutions better than warfare?

What would you do...?

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