Backend technologies

Privacy and Blockchain

We use Blockchain to protect identities and ensure the integrity of poll results, digitally-signed documents, chat history and video recordings from theft, corruption, ransomware, and loss. Historical data and legal documents are protected with bank-level encryption and a tamper-proof checksum hash.

AI and NLP

We use AI and NLP to parse poll questions and apply semantic similarity to find similar issues being polled in other communities to derive broader consensus on import issues. We use AI on chat posts and comments to detect offensive or vulgar language, and attributes such as tension, anger and ad hominem speech, as well as non-factual assertions.

Decentralized Architecture

Each community runs on its own server node or “instance” with inter-regional data redundancy. This allows the platform to redeploy an instance (a community's network) automatically in another data center, if a node goes down due to network latency, regional downtime, data corruption or a network attack.

We use Distributed Ledger technology to protect community data assets from hacking, corruption, loss, or denial of service by NSSCAs (Nation-State Sponsored Cyber Attacks).

Privacy & blockchain

blockchain provides the following privacy features:
  • Strong encryption
  • Distributed ledger to support immutable contracts and document integrity

we leverage blockchain to:

  • Protect the user's identity

  • Store poll results as anonymized contracts

  • Digitally signed contracts with elected officials (adapted from N. Gingrich: "Contract with the Community")

  • Archived digital copies (PDFs) of real legal documents such as agreements, MSAs, licenses, regulatory approval, inspection reports, fees with vendors and local regulatory agencies, utilities, partners, or auditors

  • Archived digital copies of legal agreements with the jurisdiction (city, county, etc.) including non-profit tax returns, distribution of profits or "shares" to the community, derived from the licensing of community-produced content and possibly NFTs

  • Historical chat stream logs or even meeting recordings are candidates for data retention in a blockchain.  For MVP, we use traditional archiving on triple-redundant cloud regions (possibly multicloud) for storing the content and put the checksum of the file and its unique filename and bucket path in the blockchain.


Decentralized Architecture

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