OYG plans to launch in several beta communities. Early users will be introduced in sessions from which we plan to produce training media with real-world use cases that will be available for new community adopters.


OYG Provides Opportunities

Business and government literally spend $billions attempting to promote brands and policies. 

OYG offers open interaction and a pathway to trust and loyalty.

“If we build it, they will come…


5 billion users online (global)

In the United States alone, there are 314 cities with more than 100,000 residents, and within each city there are myriad communities, with diverse resources and needs. Our global target in 3 years is 180 million unique users in 12,000 communities with an average of 15,000 residents.


* Individual community members may pay a micro-fee (pennies per month) on their internet or utility bill.

Opportunities for communities

OYG is offering opportunities to communities to participate in a beta test. 

OYG offers open interaction and a pathway to trust and loyalty.

Beta community workshops

Training emerging community leaders to express their beliefs, needs, and desires, create inspiring content, post polls, and take action on community consensus to improve their environment and quality of life.

Realizing a common vision

Solutions for big problems


Governments of cities, counties, states and nations can benefit more cost-effectively and reliably by connecting directly with constituents via OYG, than through demographic analysis and targeted advertising.

Serving Clients Better


Especially, bandwidth providers can benefit from meeting the needs customers have expressed, not only by improving retention, but also, increasing demand through better uses of media.

For the common good


Local, regional, national and international organizations, whose mission it is to serve the needs of populations and communities, or to address environmental concerns


The market for OwnYourGov is similar to that of Meta, Tiktok, and Twitter – Essentially, 5 billion people with access to the internet.  Our global, community-focused strategy includes the following barriers to competition:

  • Low Price – 75¢ per user per year, ad-free
  • Feature Rich – Embedded, global-scale, high-quality chat & video streaming from best-in-class strategic partners
  • Survivability – Cloud-agnostic rapid redeployment  if a node goes down or is subject to a network attack
  • First To Market – OYG adopted a “global-first” strategy for market penetration
  • IP – Patentable technology around blockchain,  anonymity, and NLP/ML for consensus aggregation 

No barriers to entry...

Own Your Government

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