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Own Your Government

OYG is an implementation of digital products that you may use everyday, but coded differently, for personal success, freedom and responsibility. It is efficacious any place where people are free to use this kind of technology. It can also help people survive in other places. It looks like this:

[Short Video (or GIF): Drone looking down on busy/fast section of I-5, a man or woman walks calmly across 8 lanes of hi-speed traffic.]

Survival depends on distinguishing that community is a technology for human development and a laboratory that raised us.

The Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) now advises that we have 12 years to prevent an existential crisis, and we need to prepare for climate change catastrophes that can’t be avoided. It is time to write laws, amend constitutions, reform elephantine industries and re-educate eight billion people – globally, people that are understandably skeptical.

Representative democracy helped us muddle through a long period of sleepy neglect and growing economic stress since WWII. Over time, legislators took, printed and gave away trillions and passed laws that constrain freedom and earmark budgets. Nothing in the current practice of representative democracy in America makes legislators accountable for knowing, much less, supporting the consensus of their constituencies.

There are no methods of informing, enlightening and uniting constituents in taking efficacious action. There are innumerable obstacles to being heard and economic consequences from those whom are resistant to change. Time is running out–we must do it now or we don’t–and it’s kaput.

How It Works: The forum that the OYG app creates allows anyone to harness the power of community with a system for measuring verifiable consensus and finding resources for actions on consensus priorities. It’s an efficacious use of these programs.

When the app is loaded in your device, you are part owner of the geographically defined community where you live. You are on a decentralized network of resources managed in a blockchain that is unique to and accountable to your community. This includes a forum in which anyone may ask for and build consensus for anything that concerns them, and decisions for which community consensus may be salient. And other things.

We repurpose technology that was developed for advertising, gossiping, banking, trading and other entertainment, to instead, give people technology need to flourish and be responsible. ​The community gets an independent instance of a decentralized network that they will shape and use to inform and mobilize consensus free of interference from outside interests, i.e. government and established commercial, social and/or economic hegemonies.

OYG is a technology that people use to harness the power of community. It’s an automated system for building consensus, aggregating resources and taking action on priorities.


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